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Posted Nov 14, 2006 by kk

DeSmogBlog Photoshoot

DeSmogBlog DeSmogBlog I recently had the chance to shoot photos of the DeSmogBlog team at their headquarters here in Vancouver. They wanted black and white, journalistic style photos that said "We're serious about climate change!" Check out the photos from the shoot here and some nice words from the client in our portrait photography references section of the site.

Posted Nov 12, 2006 by kk

Evan Biddell Photoshoot

Posted Nov 12, 2006 by kk

Denyss Halo Photoshoot

Denyss Halo Denyss Halo I recently had the chance to shoot for Denyss Halo of The Black Halos and have a 2nd booking with the whole band comi

Posted Nov 12, 2006 by kk

Photoshoot with Kim Cathers of Discollection

I've been meaning to post to this site for a while a few shoots I've worked on in the past couple months including this one with Kim Cathers of Discollection and the Torgerson sistas - Margie and Petrina. Thanks to Shai again for doing hair for this shoot. Shai's got a great new blog too BTW - you should check it out at ShaiStyle.com. Oh yeah, Kim's got one too.

Posted Nov 12, 2006 by kk

"Made in Vancouver' Photoshoot with Kim Cathers of Discollection

MadeInVan Made In Vancouver Made in Vancouver Thanks to everyone who collaborated with me on the recent 'Made in Vancouver' photoshoot... especially models Margaret Torgeson and Jessie Harris. Also special thanks to the styling team of Shai from Prepwork, Kim Cathers from Discollection and Jesse from ModelMayhem. Check out some of Static's other fashion photography in our portfolio.

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by kk

New Years Resolutions for Photographers

I came accross a great list of New Year's Resolutions for photographers by Bob Johnson over at one of my favorite photography blogs, Earthbound Light. Check out the list, I'm definately going to be trying to work some of these into my 2006.

  • Actually read the manual for your camera.
  • Learn to use the lenses you already have rather than buying more.
  • Buy a new lens.
  • Take a photography class or workshop.
  • Take a Photoshop class.
  • Join a photo club.
  • Use your tripod more often.
  • Learn to spot meter and use manual exposure.
  • Shoot things in both horizontal and vertical.
  • Convert to digital.
  • Start shooting raw instead of jpeg.

Posted Dec 05, 2005 by kk

Rhonda Fast's Photography Opening @ Wicked Cafe in Vancouver

Static Photography's Rhonda Fast is having a photography show at Wicked Cafe in Vancouver. Her show is part of a 12 month series we're running that features emerging Vancouver photographers and Rhonda is the 3rd artist to exhibit. Her show is titled "Strike".

Artist's Statement: "The idea behind minimalist art is that it lacks concept, focusing on geometric shape, monochromatic color palettes and anonymity of style. That's where the journey for "Strike" began. However, as will happen, it evolved, concept started to develop and location became of utmost importance. Strike is a new look at the commonplace; a twist on the mundane of an iconic pastime. An exploration in minimalism with concept."

The show will run for about a month and we'd love for you to join us at the opening on December 16th @ 7pm.

Wicked Cafe

7th & Hemlock Vancouver, BC
Posted Nov 30, 2005 by kk

Vancouver Photographer Jeff Wall Exhibition at the Tate Modern

On my recent trip to London, UK I was fortunate enough to visit the Tate Modern gallery. The Tate is Britain's new national museum of modern art.
Luckily for me, the current exhibition , which had just opened the week earlier, was that of Vancouver photographer Jeff Wall. This wasn't just an ordinary exhibit either, rather it was a major retrospective which brought together over fifty of his works produced between the late 70's to present day - providing an overview of his entire career.

I wasn't familiar with his work but quickly learned that he is a pillar of modern photography, one of the most intruiging and influential artists working today and has played a key role in establishing photography as a contemporary art form.

Posted Oct 22, 2005 by kk

Sam Sullivan Photo Used for the Cover of the Terminal City News

Sam Sullivan Sam Sullivan My friend Ian King called me up this week and asked if I could drop everything and come take a photo of someone he was interviewing for the Terminal City News. Turns out the interview was with Sam Sullivan who is running for mayor in Vancouver. I took my Canon 20d but forgot my memory card so I decided to shoot expired slide film instead and to cross-process it. It actually made me happy that I had forgotten the flash card so that I had a good excuse to go analog and shoot something that I feel is a little more distinctively my style right now. A couple of the shots turned out and Ian ended up using this one for the cover. I think it would be fun to do more quick lil projects like this.
Posted Oct 14, 2005 by kk

Expired Slide Film and Cross Processing

As anyone who has been hanging out and shooting with me has probably noticed I've been shooting a lot of slide film (E-6) this year and processing it as negative film (C-41). This is called cross-processing, or xpro if you're going for the cool factor, and has pretty crazy results. The photos turn out super contrasty and saturated and grainy and you get all sorts of unexpected artifacts and apparitions. amanda

Posted Jul 12, 2005 by kk

Vancouver Photographers and Photography Companies

Not that I want to limit ourselves to doing work in and around Vancouver... but with us getting this site off the ground I thought it would be a good idea to check out who else I can find online this space. There are a few working photographers I know here already, like Joshua Dunford and Gregory Crowe, but for the most part all my friends who take pictures do it for the love not necessarily for a job or for pay. Anyway, here's some of the local Vancouver photographers and photography studios I found around...
Posted Jul 12, 2005 by kk

I Don't Think I Have Anything Bloggable Going On In My Head Today.

Rhonda IM'd me today to tell me she wanted to blog today on our new site but didn't really feel like she could think of anything to blog about. She's new to blogging and is just really getting her mind around how to use it as a tool for her business so I thought I'd give her a couple topic ideas and see what she comes up with. Her post on minimalism yesterday was awesome. :) Anyway, Rhonda... you could easily write about;

Where did the name Static Photography come from?
Who are you and why'd you start a photography company?
What kind of cameras do you use? Does it even matter?
What are the wedding portrait no-no's and cliches you try to avoid?
I heard you fell in love with film again?
Why do grocery store prints suck and you only use expensive pro labs?
How do you deal with kids and cameras?

Hope that helps man. Thats what you get for giving me trouble about not posting today on my blog. Hehe. What else should she write about? Leave a comment here and we'll rope her into it. :)
Posted Jul 07, 2005 by kk

The New School of Wedding Photography Contest

There are some kinda interesting shots in here I thought you might like. The overall description of the contest sounds pretty lame but the photography is better than average for wedding stuff. Kinda fits with some of the stuff we were talking about. The New School of Wedding Photography Contest
Posted Jul 05, 2005 by kk

we don't need no stinkin press releases

press releases are for old people or people who don't like telling the truth. on our site when you click on 'news' you'll come here. this will be our blog and it's where we'll post things things that are important to us. you'll be able to stay updated via RSS for the geeks in the house.