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A haven within heaven: the Samsung Blogger Lounge debuts at 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival

SXSW Interactive 2011 - Austin, TX

When March rolls around you know that spring has sprung and the annual gathering of geeks is in full swing at the Interactive portion of the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX. Spread out over five days of panels, parties and networking, SXSW is the equivalent of geek heaven and geek spring break squished into on power-packed week. One respite of this crazy event is when there are small havens of quietness, power outlets and awesome smaller events which was the main goal of the Techset Hosted Samsung Blogger Lounge. Static Photography photographer Kris Krüg had a chance to kickback, recharge and spend some quality time geeking out in the lounge with his camera.

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Kickin' it at the Klout Krib Kloutup at SXSW Interactive 2011 in Austin, TX

Austin Kloutup at the Klout Krib - SXSW Interactive 2011 - Austin, TX Audiorunner - Austin Kloutup at the Klout Krib - SXSW Interactive 2011 - Austin, TX Austin Kloutup at the Klout Krib - SXSW Interactive 2011 - Austin, TX

It's always a special time of year when the SXSW Festival hits Austin, Texas every March. During the first part of the festival, this eastern Texas hotspot is flooded by geeks and tech nerds from around the world that come out to network, promote and most importantly have a good time. This year was particularly exciting because individual companies pulled out all the stops and created their own personal venues within the festival itself. Such was the amazing Klout Krib that was nestled in the northern part of Austin.

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'Make Web Not War' Open Source Web Geek Conference Comes to Vancouver May 6/7

Make Web Not War Pre-Conference Meetup - Vancouver, BC

It's really amazing when the marriage between open source technology and the evil empire of OS systems can happen for the sake of a better digital future.

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On the Road Again to SXSW 2011 Festival in Austin, TX

SXSW 2010 Festival - Austin, TX

It is that time of year again! The cold weather is coming with less frequency, the flowers are starting their journey to the topsoil and the geeks are starting to prepare for their yearly pilgrimage to Austin, TX. For a few weeks every March, the small independent city of Austin, TX is turned into a heavenly setting of geeks, technology and general debauchery with the annual South by South West Festival. This 12 day event is the setting for history making, whether it is in debuting new awesome technology or partying with your favourite twitter followers. The festival is split into three parts: SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film and SXSW Music. Welcome to the world of geeks, movies and rockstars.

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Geeks Gone Wild: Blogworld 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

Blogworld 2010 - Las Vegas, NV

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. When it comes to the geeks though - what happens in Vegas stays on the internet, especially when the geeks are gathering for the Blogworld 2010 Conference. A plethora of bloggers, internet whiz kids, geeks and tech-heads, Blogworld is a three day event of everything that is connected to blogging. From podcasting and making money from your blog to mommy and military bloggers, there was something for every blogger. Static Photography photographer Kris Krüg had the opportunity to give a keynote about new media photography for the ever expanding world of the internet.


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The Geeks Come Out to Play at SXSW Interactive 2010

Wrote this photo essay for the fine folks over at PBS MediaShift . Our favorite blog. gowalla-party-2628Every March for two weeks the town of Austin, Texas welcomes the world for its annual South by Southwest Festival, otherwise known as SXSW. This festival consists of three parts: Interactive, a four day geekfest for the internet community, Film, ten days of international cinema programs and Music, a four day non-stop schedule of live music. The Interactive section of the SXSW Festival is always a hotspot for the early adoption of the newest technology in the digital landscape. 2010 was the year of location-based application war between Gowalla and Foursquare, the debut of Google Bike Maps and a foray of citizen journalism at its geekiest.

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Portraits of Microsoft's Technology Evangelists @ Techdays 2009 Vancouver

Microsoft Techdays 2009 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Microsoft Tech Days was held in Vancouver, BC this past week as part of a cross-Canada tour that Microsoft curates every year. This two day conference was filled with multiple tracks that showcased sessions for developers and technologists that work with Microsoft software. There were six tracks held simultaneously with one bonus track that introduced bonus material for developing within a Windows operating system cell phone. Static Photography was on scene for the conference and Kris Krug had the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing people that helped create the sessions for Microsoft Tech Days Vancouver.